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The Benefits of Choosing Splish Splash Pressure Washing

Commercial Grade Pressure Washers

Splish Splash Pressure Washing isn’t your everyday pressure washing company. We care about our customers and their property like it’s our own. We strive to make our business different and above the rest. We use commercial grade, high quality Mi-T-M pressure washers sold only from licensed pressure washing sales facilities. Two six gallon per minute, 3,500 psi, commercial grade, HOT WATER pressure washers accompany us to every location. We don’t use equipment found in home improvement stores because their cleaning power does not compare that of our commercial machines.

The Power of Hot Water and Quality Detergents

Have you ever cleaned with hot water opposed to cold? You can see the way dirt and grime is removed with the help of heated water when compared to cold water. Not all pressure washing companies are created equal. Some don’t have the ability to heat their water because their machines do not have this capability. When you choose Splish Splash Pressure Washing, you will be amazed when you see the difference HOT water pressure washing systems make!

We use Landa Pressure Washing top quality detergents. These detergents do not contain ingredients that can be bought at home improvement stores. We offer these grade A detergents to our customers because we care about their property and want to achieve the best results when pressure washing their homes and or businesses.

We Go the Extra Mile

If we can’t clean it with the standard amount of pressure specific for that surface, we don’t dial up the pressure. Instead, we use the good old technique of a little elbow grease to remove the problematic stain, mold or dirt. This ensures that your structure isn’t ripped of its paint or damaged! That’s going the extra mile, and that’s what our company is all about! We are a full-service, full-time pressure washing company that is backed by top quality equipment and detergents.

You can always tell a Splish Splash Pressure Washed home from any other…it’s gleaming from the very tip top to the bottom of the lowest foundation. We take pride in our work and it shows! Let us show you the difference today! We are 100% certain you will NOT be disappointed!

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