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Environmentally Green Pressure Washing and Cleaning Services

Environmentally Safe Cleaners

photo_004At Splish Splash Pressure Washing, we care about the environment and use the safest products to clean your home and business. We don’t cut corners on cleaning supplies and use only high quality, biodegradable detergents specifically suited for the type of surface to be cleaned. Our pressure washing detergents are environmentally safe, and specifically designed for vinyl, brick, concrete, wood, gutters and vehicles of every kind.

Splish Splash Steam Cleaning also uses Dreft infant detergent to help remove stains from your child’s gear. Being that Dreft is hypoallergenic and safe for babies sensitive skin, it’s the only cleaner we use with the steam on your child’s gear.

Rest assured knowing that Splish Splash Pressure Washing and Steam Cleaning only uses environmentally safe cleaners – so your child gear, home, business, lawn, flowers and bushes are safe from the damage. Because it’s the right thing to do for you, your property and the environment!

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